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R.M. of Cameron Heritage Site Inventory

Page 1: Church and Cemetery Sites

Page 2 - 4 : Commercial, Public and Engineering Sites

Page 5 - 6: Farm Sites

Page 7 - 8 : Residences, Lauder and Grand Clairiere

R.M. of Cameron Schools (Documented Elsewhere)

R.M. of Cameron Sites List

The Cameron Special Places Inventory project consists of 81 buildings and sites. The following list if presented with an organization suggested by the Historic Resources Branch of Manitoba Culture and Tourism, whose staff has assisted the Rural Municipality of Cameeron in the development of this initiative.

Note that the prefix code numbers used for certain areas are those that the Historic Resources Branch of Manitoba Culture and Tourism uses for the hsitorical communities in the municipality and the following alphanumeric references are also suggested by the branch are easy ways to ensure quick reference to materials. All sites are also located on attached maps.

Also note that sites in the Town of Hartney have been documented in an earlier project, the Hartney Special Places project of 2009.


1. Church and Cemetery Sites

217.F.3 – Chain Lakes Cemetery
217.F.4 – Melgund Cemetery
285.F.3 – Melgund School and Church Cairn
285.B.1 – Lauder United Church
285.F.1 – Lauder Cemetery
700.B.1. -  St. John’s Catholic Church, Grande Clairiere
700.F.1 – Grande Clairiere Cemetery
113.B.1 - Chain Lakes Quaker Church
147.F.1. Millerway Church Cairn

2. Commercial, Public and Engineering Sites

Hartney Area

217.M.1 -  Hartney Dam
217.M.2 -  Hartney Airport
217.M.3 -  Hartney Pumphouse
217.M.4 -  Hartney Golf Course
217.M.5 -  C.P.R. Railway Line
217.M.6 – Abandoned C.N.R. Line

Lauder Area

285.D.1 – Lauder Service
285.D.2 – Boles Garage
285.D.3 – Commercial Building
285.E.1 – Lauder School
285.E.2 – Original School Building
357.E.2.Trembay School (R.M. of Brenda)
285.K.1 – Lauder Rink
285.M.1 – Lauder Townsite
285.M.2 – Dand – Lauder CNR Line

Underhill Area

570.D.1 – A.E. Hill Store
570.M.2 – Road Allowances

Grande Clairiere Area

700.D.1- Bank of Hochelaga
700.D.2 – Pallard Store
700.D.3 – Bertholet Blacksmith Shop
700.E.1- Grande Clairiere School
700.J.1 – Grande Clairiere Hall
700.K.1 – Grande Clairiere Recreation Centre
700.M.1 – Grande Clairiere Townsite
700.M.2 – Maple Lakes Drain
700.M.3 – Souris River Bridges

3. Farm Sites

Hartney Area

217.G.1 – River Park Farm
217.G.2 – House – Chain Lakes
217.G.3 – More House
217.G.4 – Jackson Farm
217.G.5 – Joe Thomas Farm
217.G.6 – Thomas Farm
217.G.7 – Farm House
217.G.8 - Robinson Farm Elevator

Lauder Area

285.G.1 – Log House
285.G.2 – Farm House

Underhill Area

570.G.1 – McBurney House
570.G.2 – Morden Farm Site
570.G.3 – T.Somerville Farm Site
570.G.4 – McBrian Farm Farm Site
570.G.5 – C.Somerville Farm Site
570.G.6 – W. Somerville Barn
570.G.7 – W. Somerville House
570.G.8 – Farm Windmill
570.G.9 – Mrs. Weightman Site

Grande Clairiere Area

700.G.1 – Moreau Farm Yard
700.G.2 – Lamouline Farm Yard
700.G.3 – Log Outbuilding

4. School Cairns and Sites

Documented Here

5. Residences (Villages of Lauder & Grande Clairiere)

285.C.1 - Huffman House - Lauder
285.C.2 – 285.C.16 –Houses in Lauder
700.C.1 -  House – Grande Clairiere

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