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The Hartney / Cameron Pivotal Events Project  

The project follows the format, process and products which have been developed by the Historic Resources Branch for this kind of initiative. This work involves close reading of our available history to determine a detailed chronology of events and activities that defined the community from its settlement in 1880 until approximately 1960. This timeline will then be compared with provincial, national and international timelines (developed as templates by HRB) to help students especially (a key target of the project) to place Hartney events in a larger context. It is presumed that local educational personnel will consult with the heritage consultant to develop lesson plans that will help students create their own timelines.

The Hartney Pivotal Events project will also recast the information identified in the local histories and the timelines into texts that can be used for various other communication venues – like plaques, articles, museum displays, education materials, etc.

The project will also place the events in the history of Hartney into the context of the history of Western Manitoba, and seek to establish a framework for addressing the roots of other Westman communities.

The results of the project will be available in print and digital forms.  Resources gathered during this project are available elsewhere on this section (Heritage) of this site and on the Hartney / Cameron Heritage Projects site:

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